Welcome to my website.

As a painter, I have always been excited to share my creativity with the world. In this age of digital transformation, I have decided to use this brand new pseudonym to create blockchain inspired physical art; but only offer it as NFT’s to the world. For the first time in my artistic life, the physical artwork will be nothing more than a part of the creation process for the NFT’s I will be minting. The physical pieces are not the finished product, but a mere intermediary step in the process of creation.

When my first drop of NFT’s happens, these intermediary physical paintings will be moved to locked storage, or destroyed upon request of the purchaser of the NFT. They will, off course, not be sold or displayed as art.

My creative process

For years I have been looking at the finished painting as the final product of my creative process. This, off course, has now changed completely. After “completing” the physical painting, the creative process turns digital and I can use all the digital tools at my disposal to finish the piece further without the physical limitations of my canvas and my painter’s tools. This allows for a new layer of inspiration to be added to my work; and after more than a decade of working within these constraints – this feels highly liberating.